Client Testimonials

We love to entertain and help those that want to learn. Below are a few testimonials from our great clients.

“I have been training with Glenny for just over one year now. We deal with flexibility, balance and strength, training with pole fitness, exotic floorwork, stretching, various workshops and choreography. I have never been the type of person to stick with any form of fitness regiment until I met her.

Glenny creates a welcoming, judgement free and encouraging atmosphere. Her genuine pride in her students shines through with every outburst of cheers whenever you accomplish a goal. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone, either as a performer or instructor.”

~ Jennifer Lestage ~
Vancouver Island Creature Teachers

“I like to think of Circus Freaks instructor as the body whisperer … she finds a way to get your body to listen and do what you highly doubt is possible and helps you create freaky magical things while feeling amazing and safe. Thank you so much for all you’ve empowered me to accomplish thus far cant wait for more freaky discoveries xoxo”

~ Becky Armstrong ~

“Glenny is empowering and encouraging and has helped me feel more love for myself and my body than I can ever remember feeling. Training with and learning from her for my first year of pole dancing has given me confidence in my strength – both physically and metaphorically. I literally have trusted her with my life, and she has caught me every time.

She’s an action taking lady who brings such a wonderful energy with her everywhere she goes! 110% recommend as an instructor and/or performer!”

~ Alexandra Poulton ~

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